A Fool Who Persists In His Folly Becomes Wise.

The fool was a fool and the fool kept on fooling His eyes became red, nose blocked and mouth drooling The fool came to see, what the fool came to be Should he persist in his very own fueling Of fire and void - the fool was annoyed And so foolishly vowed to stop fooling. … Continue reading A Fool Who Persists In His Folly Becomes Wise.


The King

There was once a king. He ruled over a planet. Only once, had he ever seen another. The king sat upon his throne, ruling eternity. It seemed to him that all the cosmos were his faithful Subjects. He never spoke, except for the day that strange Subject of his visited. He watched as day turned … Continue reading The King

The Homeless on Happiness – Pt 4 – Howell

I’ve just had a very interesting conversation with Howell.   He believes that we’re not all able to achieve happiness to the same degree because “we’re not all mentally wired for it”. He told me that our understandings are so warped by society’s collective expectations that we, as individuals, lose sight of what is important to … Continue reading The Homeless on Happiness – Pt 4 – Howell