Flag Moby – Part 2

The air was cold and dry. Eliot increased his pace. January was a weird time of year, something always seemed to end. He was in pain now and beginning to regret having left no money for a taxi. He reminded himself that he didn’t need it, at least not by comparison and so he walked. … Continue reading Flag Moby – Part 2


The Homeless on Happiness – Pt 4 – Howell

I’ve just had a very interesting conversation with Howell.   He believes that we’re not all able to achieve happiness to the same degree because “we’re not all mentally wired for it”. He told me that our understandings are so warped by society’s collective expectations that we, as individuals, lose sight of what is important to … Continue reading The Homeless on Happiness – Pt 4 – Howell

The Homeless on Happiness – Pt 2 – Jack

I feel extremely fortunate to have met Jack; one of the most open and charismatic people I have ever come across. Jack has attempted suicide three times, at least one of which he blames on anti-depressants. “SSRIs in particular” he says “send me from the most extreme highs to being completely and utterly suicidal”. I asked him … Continue reading The Homeless on Happiness – Pt 2 – Jack