Poem 3

I remember being excited by things that happened around me. I recall brief moments of clear and humble interest in any given, apparently mundane moment. I become nostalgic about the way that life felt. I sometimes wish that now was more like then, but then again, it was only what it was, eternal; and never like before. I catch myself pondering now on things that don’t exist, opportunities missed and wandering memories flick between that and this. I remind myself that now is bliss, that is, if then and now are overlooked. I hope that the things I know can apply, to my mind. I know about things but there’s nothing inside, supposedly. I feel like one in the midst of insanity, of jealousy and vanity and I’m callously judgemental. I can be over sentimental. I cannot see the need for half the rituals of life, of days and of nights, of peace and of fighting – it strikes me as odd. I love everything and everyone. I miss the times that have gone. Forget it. I wrote that yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Poem 3

  1. Catching up to deliver a belated thank you for following Under Western Skies. I hope silence indicates that you’re busy with other projects, but that you’ll resume writing.


  2. Thanks for following my blog! I’m enjoying looking through yours, and am looking forward to reading more soon.


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